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We are currently in that awkward phase of the year where we are still recuperating from the busy past few weeks of the holiday season and preparing for the new year. Whether you are planning and preparing for your resolutions or reflecting on the past twelve months, make sure you take time to stop and just be still in the moment. Maybe you had some setbacks or failures this year (that’s ok, we all do!) or you had your best year yet and want to keep building onto that! Use this awkward time before the new year hustle builds up and do so using these tips on how I am preparing for a festive and positive 2018!




We all want to be the best #bossbabe we can be, but this goal is impossible if you aren’t organized! Between school, work, friends, family, and the blog, times get a little hectic. There were times I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t keep up with my own schedule. To fight this, I am going to plan better and procrastinate less.

Create a to-do list every night before you go to bed and check it as soon as you wake up. I forget so much overnight. Write down the different tasks you need to do so that you will remember them. Checking your to-do list every morning will also be a great way to start off your morning with direction. Wake up, grab a coffee and work on your list! This will also follow along with my next tip!



I’ll admit, this is something that is particularly difficult for me. I always find myself running late and always busy, resulting in piles of clothes left on the floor from trying on different outfits that morning. Clean it all up, and clean out your closet. If you didn’t wear it in 2017, you more than likely will not even look at it in 2018. Donate or sell it, and move on. Clean and organize your entire house from your closet to your pantry to your desk. Don’t be a hoarder! Start 2018 clean and tidy.

Create a daily/weekly cleaning plan for yourself. For your daily schedule, it should be small tasks such as straighten up desk, make your bed, put dishes in washer, hang up clothes etc. Your weekly cleaning plan will consist of larger tasks and can be chosen to do all on one day of the week, or a few things each day. On this plan I have do laundry, wipe down sink, vacuum, etc. A combination of both plans will help you keep your spaces clean and remove the stress that builds up when the chores are procrastinated.





I love making vision or mood boards. I prefer to have everything printed out and pinned above my desk so that it is there for me to view every day. They can be hung up with string or on a board! If you aren’t the crafty type, Pinterest is a great tool for your directional! Create a 2018 board and pin motivational quotes to help achieve your goals or save various destinations that you plan to travel to in the new year. You can always go back and add more stuff to go along with your vacations or workouts to help you with your fitness.



No seriously, stop for a second and relax. If you have yet to return to work, savor every moment of downtime that you are given. The new year will start up quick and you’ll be hustling non-stop. Read a book, watch a movie, take a bath, or have quiet time with God. Do anything that will benefit YOU the most to restore and heal. Use this time to think, and to plan your New Year’s resolutions. Write them down. You are more likely to remember them and stick to your goal if they are written and defined. Besides, If you write them down that makes them official, right?

What are your 2018 goals? Comment below, I would love to hear your plans!






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