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Woman On A Mission

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The new year paves way for the perfect opportunity to do self-reevaluation and direct myself down the path that God is leading me. With Blessed and Fabulous, I always aimed to broadcast my original self, held back by no bounds but as experienced through my first year of blogging, it is harder than expected. I try to not compare myself to others but as I scroll through my news feed I catch myself appealing to other bloggers and wishing that my graphics would turn out as quirky as theirs or that I was collaborating with all of these great brands. I want to live this life where I am doing interesting things and traveling to exotic places, and I wish to do this now. What I fail to constantly remind myself is that I am still growing and developing. Also that you can’t evaluate someone’s life through what you see from the outside. 2018 will be my year.

At the start of each year I set goals for myself, ones that are typically not too hard to attain. This past year, I planned to work on my tardiness (still needs a tad bit improvement! hehe), a healthier diet, and work. 2018, I am going to push myself. To set goals that are not only easily attained because why should I cut myself short?


My 2018 Goals:

-Set aside at least 15 minutes of quiet time each day to reflect and read.

-Plan blog posts and write ahead of time.

-Manage my social media channels only during planned hours of the day.

-Travel to a destination which I haven’t been before.

-Double the number of engagement on Blessed and Fabulous.

-Stick to a cleaning routine.



Every day I ask God “Who am I? Who do you want me to become?” I have these grand pictures of where I want myself to be in my journey through life. I see myself in the far future with a nice home, beautiful family all nicely dressed, and working in my dream job. These goals aren’t too unrealistic but they make me realize that it’s not going to happen exactly how I picture. I lose focus and start to give up. This is the opposite of what you should actually do. Who should I be?

He tells me, “Yourself.” Me. God doesn’t want you to live this picture perfect life and always have everything perfectly going for you. He wants you to be raw. Open yourself up to those around you, show everyone the real you. Show them the love you have for God and the love he has for you. When my doubts come to surface in my thoughts, I push through them and fight back. When I lose hope in myself and my purpose, I stop to pray. If you have lost your passion for your life, stop and dig into your purpose. If you are finding it difficult to recognize your purpose, follow your passions because that is where your purpose is waiting to be discovered.

I am a woman on a mission, not confined to one particular role but one who strives to demonstrate the capacity to live a life filled with purpose. God calls us to do amazing things: to be strong and courageous, to be confident and full of wisdom, but above all else, to have an intimate relationship with Christ. Proverbs 31 tells us this.

So here’s to a new year, a new start. To be the best version of myself that I can be. To push forward even more into my dreams and passions. To redirect myself in path with God. 2018, I am ready to rock you!






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